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Nine people!? I didn’t know that many people existed in the whole world! October 31, 2009

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Yes, company! And lots of it! We are in the middle of a veritable working weekend. Lots has been done. Have a look…

Demolishing the greenhouse

Finally we have destroyed the greenhouse! Stuart’s hard work during the week was complete with the handy help of a lump hammer. Feeling sudden guilt once the destruction was complete, we purged our consciences by burning the evidence. The bonfire was really rather spectacular (and probably still is actually… it’s been going for 24h already!). Now all that is left is the plastic off the roof, which shall make its way to the dump tomorrow.

It’d be good to get a new greenhouse here as soon as we can, seems like there’s nothing we wouldn’t be able to grow!

Dave cleaning windows The courtyard in the middle of the house(s) made it inconvenient to walk from the bungalow to the farmhouse in the rain, so David Halpin, David Hodgkinson, Pete and Stuart built an undercover walkway connecting the two.And here’s a picture of Dave Hodge giving the window a last clean just before making it inaccessible for years to come. Obviously, it was also its first clean for years…

WoodstackAnd… this is what Stuart and I did to the beech tree that the North Devon Tree Surgeons chopped up. About 30 tons of it. Pretty epic! Should keep us in wood for the next million years or something!

It’s been a very busy day, and lots of other things have happened too, lots of painting, tea drinking, weeding, paint stripping, and eating. We also showed Roger the stump of the tree, and said goodbye to Stuart.





Happy Halloween!

George the Pumpkin



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